LilChamps with Karishma Kapoor 22 December 2007 » LilChamps with Karishma Kapoor

LilChamps with Karishma Kapoor


126 Responses to “LilChamps with Karishma Kapoor”

  1. Avinash Chaliha Says:

    i like lilchamps

  2. arvindam Says:



    Hi we really like watching little champs


    my vote for basundhara

  5. Kamini Says:

    Dear Zee T.V.,
    Congratulations on your reality based show!! I’m writing this mail while watching it telecast with Mithunda and all. You have been unfair in your treatment with two contestants.
    1. Smitha Nandi – She’s been only a little immature and you people have managed to make her jealous and insecure too by offering the Haryana boy a place in Mr. Suresh’s school and allowed Amir to publicise his pathetic(sic) status of his dad driving an auto for a living and no parents around. well, who’s that older boy under stress on the bench alongwith the rest of the parents? (sic, sic)
    2. Amir Hafiz – How come while others were singing songs from 80’s he alone sang a tepid song from 2007? Please reconsider your comments which you ‘re lopsided in making for the participants. Afterall, these are little kids who are yet to be equiped to deal with the world at large and their shoulders are already under!!! Please info the judges esply, Nigam. He still commands our respect and let’s not loose it with this shodiness!!1

  6. dhananjaya Says:

    hi anamika you are so cute………………………………………..

  7. teena Says:

    hai tanmay i m your biggest fan i love the way u sing and ur action

  8. azeem Says:

    i want vote littel chams

  9. khalid Says:

    i want to see lilchaps

  10. Girish deo Says:

    My fevoutite is ‘Prince of Patiala, sardar Rohanpreet singh’

    Folloowed by delhi dynamight ‘ Vibhore Parashar’

    Vasundhara is best among gilrs followed by anamica chaudhari.

    there are no words to discribe the Show .
    Request Suresh Wadkarji to not make injustice with Rohit.

    I have jellosy of all child artists as they are with Legend ‘Sonu Nigam’

    Aditya : Beta Baapse sawaai’

    Girish deo

  11. rajat Says:

    hi amir you are a good singer

  12. sandeep sharma Says:

    i love little sardar boy, he is little champ

  13. arpan Says:

    hi anamika your voice is so nice i hope you will win the lil champs. i am voting for u all time don,t worry. i am always with you.

  14. rakesh Says:

    hi, i like lilchamps
    my best singer is rohantrit

  15. ranjana Says:

    hi, i like lilchamps
    my best singer is vasundhara

  16. vishal Says:

    hai tanmay i m your biggest fan i love the way u sing

  17. surender Says:

    i luv dis contest u plz dont stop it for long i wanna ur reply soon

  18. alim Says:

    hi anamika
    i m ur biggest fan
    tum bahut acchi ho
    & i am sure tum hi jeetogi

    i love you

  19. alim Says:

    anika tum bahut accha gana gati ho

  20. alim Says:

    i miss u anamika

  21. santosh Says:

    hi tanu ur so cute rly mujhe pura yakin hai ki tum hi Champs Banoge

  22. Yash Says:

    Hello Chimni best of luck

  23. Yash Says:

    u r looking cool Mr V bhor

  24. ron Says:

    wel….i lve anamika…………………pliz can we b frnz?………..if yes then pliz mail me at………im yur biggest fan i lve da way u sing…………….

  25. khalid Says:

    i want to meet one of lilchamps

  26. sangita tamang Says:

    hi smita,
    i like your voice very much.i know that u will rock the show always.all the best .

  27. vandana Says:

    hi,I’m from Suriname(South America).
    I like the singing of Tanmay very much.
    Tanmay,keep it up.

  28. debanjan bhattacharya Says:

    I am a big fan of smita nandi. Ibelong to her state ,tripura.SMITA IF U LIKE U CAN CONTACT ME .PLEASE GIVE UR CONTACT NO.I RESIDE IN RAMNAGAR7

  29. arshad Says:

    i want meets u every lilchamps cantests.luv for tanmay amir .

  30. radhika Says:

    hai sonu and suresh ji
    I feel very to say some words with lil champs. anamika you are very very good singer your voice is simply super. all lil champs are singing very good and i like vibhor hair stile. i have no words to say aditya narayan he is very very inteligent and smart i feel very happy to see in this program.chalta rahe lil champs ki halchal. thank you

  31. pratyaksh solanki Says:

    hi! i m just going to be 7 years on 22nd january, i am a great fan of l’le champs and i wish i could be one of the participants some day. my all good wishes to all my friends (l’le champs),they are just not outstanding but marvellous.

  32. jazz Says:

    aditya i m a big……………… of urs……………
    u r my first crush………………..
    i dont miss any episode of little champs bcoz of u…………..
    tanmay and rohanpreet are my favourite”””””””as i m also from patia;la…….
    i just want to say u one thing dat………..i luuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuu…………….!!!!!!!!!!11

  33. jazz Says:

    i know dat tanmay u r going to win

  34. jazz Says:

    if i did had a gud voice i would have tried…………………..only to see u…………..but what to do know as there r 2 problemz…….1 dat i m not a kid nd 2 i dont have a gud voice////////////////

  35. priya madan Says:

    hi tanmay
    u r d best

  36. jyothi Says:

    Dear Zeetv,

  37. jyothi Says:

    dear zeetv,
    I love the programme coming on zee that is lilchamps.i like the small kids their tallent & their concentration on singing.i enjoy a lot when saw the karishma episode.adithya’s anchoring is simply wonderful.

  38. jyothi Says:

    dear zeetv,
    Hai cute smitha i am u r big fan i like u r sinin really a lot.i pray 2 god that u r the winner all the best dear

  39. hena Says:

    Amir and Smita Are the bestest in everyone.they should win.Best wishes from my side to both of them.

  40. monika Says:

    i think you are a good singer

  41. rajat kumar mehrotra Says:

    lilchamps is very special programe for my family.

  42. mohseen khan Says:

    one of the sweetest girl ko mera sweetest hi (anamika)

  43. Preshit Parihar Says:

    this is a dam good show

  44. Divya Says:


  45. mohammed sohail ahmed Says:

    Hi this soahil from dubai i watch lil champs reguraly an im a big big fan of amir hafeez specially the way he sang the song TERI DEEWANI of KAILASH KHER….. IT WAS HIS BEST BEST Perfomance i hope he will continues the same

  46. Geetanjali Says:

    Hi !!!
    first of all my heartly congrats for all participants. i like all little champs but among all participants i like vaishali voice most, because her voice is very natural and her attitudes how she respond on stage. i wanted to vote for vaishali…
    All the best…..

  47. dhananjoy saha Says:

    hi tanmay,
    amar tamar gan khub valo laga.tamake dakhar jana base thaki. jata khan tumi na asa.byby
    dhananjoy saha.(ranaghat,nadia dist.) (west bengal)

  48. dhananjoy saha Says:

    hi tanmay
    i like you?????
    dhananjoy saha .ranaghat.nadia dist.west bengal.

  49. Taqui Anwer Says:

    Hello, I like saregamapa l’il champs, and I like Tanmay Chaturvedi.

  50. alisha Says:

    i always like watching lilchamps _coz of aditya narayan he’s d best host iluv him ……….i like rohanpreet ,tanmay & vasu ……just wish i could meet them 1 day …………..bbyeeeeeeeee all d best…….

  51. lendrup Says:

    hiee..this is lendrup hensie from Thimphu Bhutan.Our country loves to watch you all sing & dance (ur talent)..they all wait tilll 10:30pm(BST) no mata how tired they are …they & me neva misses you….i love to watch lil champs…i wish you all the lil ones(champs) a very best of luck in ur coming events–i just want you to know that the winners are not only the person who always wins but they are the people who loses yet tey do not fail to try again & neva give up….al the best once again….keep up the spirit…wining & losing is a part of a game….

  52. sameer siddique Says:

    amir tum bahot acha gate ho may tumahra fan ho

  53. sawmali Says:

    i love anamika she sings so well

  54. sawmali Says:

    she will make edith douglas school proud

  55. Ben Yosef Lihi Says:

    Love watching saregamapa.
    Sonu and Suresh are the best judges.
    Sonu love you a lot

  56. Ben Yosef Lihi Says:

    Love watching saregamapa.
    Sonu and Suresh are the best judges.
    Sonu love you a lot and hope to meet you in India

  57. jaspreet Says:

    hi rohan, u r very cute. i love ur singing and also ur smile. u r d best. i love u.

  58. sairam Says:

    my best singers are vasundhara , tanmay and ammir affiz they three should be top three.

  59. Arbaaz Says:

    hi, AMIR i am your biggest fan and i like your songs the best than the other lil champs

  60. yasir Says:

    hi, i like lilchamps
    my best singer is Tota ram
    i m ur biggest fan
    tum bahut acche ho
    & i am sure tum hi jeetoge
    keep it up tota ram. thumhare add bahoot ache hote hai.

  61. sonali Says:

    hi,i was very dissappointed with vibhor’s some extent i am also responsible as i din’t vote enough & i m really sorry vibhor. but i want to tell this to all the viewers to vote for the best contestant. thank you sonali verma

  62. sona Says:

    hi tanmay i really love u and the way u singing i am from usa and god bless u u are rock and u are so cute. take care

  63. ram Says:


  64. G L RAO Says:

    Hi anamika i vote you definately champ you.

  65. rj bagade Says:

    Hi, Anamika i vote you alway’s you win.

  66. shahin/bangladesh Says:

    I appreciate judges for find out some little star.
    I love tanmoy. he will be a greatest singer soon.
    take care .

  67. shahin/bangladesh Says:

    I would like to give thanks to organizer to make such a beautiful programme.
    now this time , this is the most attractive tv show to me.

  68. priyanka Says:

    i like u tanmay n i wanna u to win this contest.vasundhara u too r too good!

  69. sudhansu.s.sahoo Says:

    Dear Tanmay,

  70. sudhansu.s.sahoo Says:

    Dear Tanmay,

  71. aqsa farooq Says:


  72. jatinder singh Says:

    great rohanpreet bai chak de dholia……….

  73. happy from Urban estate Says:

    wish u a very Best of Luck from Happy Urban esate patial

    a friend of Amardeep sodhi,,,,,,

    Bai jittan te bhul na jai ik war ghare bula ke chaaaa jarror paleeeeee

  74. ajay Says:

    anamika is the best.

  75. ajay Says:

    anamika ap ne hi lil champ ki winer banna ha. i am ajay. you loking great .
    i love you .
    ma tumse milne jarur au ga. your fan ajay

  76. Nisha Gupta Says:

    hi every body m favourite champs is rohanreet singh and anamika both r so good and talented champ

  77. Prabhash Jha Says:

    Hi, Ananmika how are you ?

    You the best singer.
    God bless you.

  78. kalyan Says:

    Hi Vasundhara How r u ,

    I love u ,

    u r the best singer in lilchamps

  79. khan Says:

    I dunt lyk dis stupid judges….alwayz…*****************discouraging students….

  80. nisha Says:

    rohan preet you are the best singer for ever. keep rocking.
    all the best i hope you to get into the finals

  81. Ashu Says:

    ………….All the best…….

  82. Ahmad Says:

    I love you Anamika,
    Really I love your voice I am an Afghan and every time I watch your program.
    Best luck love you.

    Ahmad From Afghanistan


    i like lil champs & most of lil singers of vibhor & anamika
    wish you all the best to my anamika not vobhor becouse vibhor is ellimated thank you

  84. sps Says:

    hi tanmay I love your voice you are the best singer in lilchamps

  85. rajan Says:

    I Love you tanmay how are you .you are the best singer.i watch your prigramme every week i love your voice

  86. bipul Says:

    kya batau sab teek hai

  87. mehboob Says:

    hi iam mehboob i like lil chams i like tanmay voice very nice voice n sonu nigam is my idol main chahata hu sir ek bar aawaz sun kar muje comments de i like sonu sir commets please sir ki baat maanu

  88. mehboob Says:

    hi iam mehboob i want u about aditiya hi is very nice i like hi voice also

  89. masood (afgahani) Says:

    i am watching lilcham program always and i enjoy alot and my fouvrite singer is anamika she the best .

  90. masood (afghani) Says:

    hi indai i i like ur all tv program specially lilchamp and there my fouvrite singer is anamika infact she is the best .

  91. dhwani Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii rohan preet u r the best singer and i luv yur singing very much
    soooooooo keep singing nicely and may u win dis lilchamps my best wishes r with u
    dhwani from india……….!!!!!!!

  92. Liza Says:

    I am from Bangladesh.
    We watch this musical program regularly.
    Unfortunately, we were unable to watch the last show. We heard that Basundhara is out from the show last week. We are very much shocked.
    If possible, we want to get Basundhara’s mail id or address.
    Best regards to her.

    Liza, Shayanta, Shahed from Bangladesh.

  93. Rajan Says:

    Vibhore was really good – he should not have been eliminated before Vasundara.

    Suresh & Sonu are very negative towards Amir – the are being negative and extremely critical of Amir week after week.

    Message for Amir – you are a great kid. Even though these judges do not have anything good to say to you – you still sing extremely well. It must be so difficult for you to sing knowing that the judges will have nothing good to say to you. Keep up with your singing and stay in school. You are a smart kid with a very positive attitude. I enjoyed watching you and Vibhore together. Vibhore seems like a really nice kid. I am sure you must miss him.

    Congratulations on your singing with Mr. Amitabh Bachan.

    Wish you all the best.

  94. mahadevgorle Says:

    tanmay tum bahut achhe gate ho

  95. sneh sharan trikha Says:

    I started watching the programme just by chance.I was just handling the remote and changing the channels, when I suddenly saw this little gennie, Tanmay, singing.He is good in his overall pergormance But I liked the voice structure of Aamir. After his exit, I hope Rohanpreet should become no.1

  96. sourav mondal Says:

    hi tanmay i am ur bigest fan…i am like ur elder bro… whenever u sing well i feel realy proud… ye kali kali akhen was superb…. wish u a sucessful feture…

  97. Siddique A.Khan Says:

    The behavior of Amir Hafeez’s parents and his brother when he was voted out of the contest was very unruly and indecent. They must tender an apology to Zee TV, to Aditya and to contest judges. If you could email their contact details I would like to call them and request them to tender such an apology. This apology should be telecast when it comes.

  98. Tapan Says:


    Anamika i expected your develop. You are kids but in your performance Like professional person.Best Of luck

  99. Heera shehzadi Says:

    Hi Anamika I am your biggest fain And i am from Pakistan

  100. Ajay Says:

    Tanmay how are u……..tumahare product ka kya haal hai.

  101. malali Says:

    hi anamika
    iam always with you ok best regared

  102. najeem sakhi Says:

    Aamir hafiz
    iam totally tera awaz ki
    best wishs

  103. Wahidullah Naeemi Says:

    Hi Dear Lovely and Smart Girl Anamika!
    Iam Wahidullah Naeemi from Afghanistan youre Sond,Style and performance are Like professional person I really Appreciate and Encourage you Iam with you wish you all the Best all the Time Iam with you.

    Best Of luck
    Wahidullah Naeemi

  104. Wahidullah Naeemi Says:

    Hi Dear Lovely and Smart Girl Anamika!
    Iam Wahidullah Naeemi from Afghanistan your Sond,Style and performance are Like professional person I really Appreciate and Encourage you Iam with you wish you all the Best all the Time Iam with you.

    Best Of luck
    Wahidullah Naeemi

  105. jani Says:

    i liak avre lilchamps litar
    and my fafrat singar anmakia and i liak your actian
    and i wich your avre siangs
    and my from afghanstian bay your jani

  106. Saleha Butti Says:

    i wish them the best.

    Tanmay i like you

    SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2007
    best wishes

  107. zabiullah Says:

    hi amir mitera sat hon zabiullah from afghanistan
    kabul 0093700212799/*0093799819188 but i like anamika also

  108. zabiullah Says:

    i am zabiullah i like to say to all of teh mimbers of the lilchamps we live you.afghanistan india ka dosti zinda bad

  109. Prerana R T Says:

    Hi lilchamps u r all superb singers. hoping to see all ur names in the list of famous bollywood singers in the near future.

  110. jawed Says:

    ih krshma kapoor I LAVE YOU

  111. zahidkamzi Says:

    me ap k program ko apne gaon me dekhta ho or me ak pakistani ho from dist sangher

  112. shameera Says:

    nice programe.i am from srilanka

  113. shameera Says:

    very interesting programe.its my favourite programe,best,fantastic,mind blowing programme.i am 13 years old visit me in


    HI i love all lil champs.among them all my vote for one and only AMIR HAFEEZ.he is exelent.i love AMIR.dont worry ALLAH IS WITH U. this from MOHAMED RUSHDY.SRILANKA all the best

  115. Ravi Says:

    Dear Zee TV,
    Thanks a lot for inspiring millions of kids. It can happen only in India

    I want the title song of the LilChamps Programm i.e. ” Tim tim si ….. Asha Hai man me …” I am in love of that song. I think that is an inspiring song. Please send it to me OR guide me from where & How can I get it?

  116. Majid Malik Says:

    Vaishali is the best than another.

  117. rubina Says:

    you are a good singer.Isee ur future is so bright. My best wishes ALWAYS with u.

  118. ridmaka Says:


  119. kasun Says:

    smita i love you. sri lanka

  120. H.M.N.N.Herath. Says:

    I want to whatch “Tanmay chaturvedi’s vedios.

  121. chathuranga kumara Says:

    Hi im kumara from Sri lanka
    NOw Sri lanka No 01 Programe is Lil champs
    We are watching more cd
    We are very like and Its beauttyfull.
    Achcha karathihu

  122. Pradeepa............ Says:


    Your songs are very nice……

  123. Iresha Says:


    Very nice concert…. really very beautiful…. All da best & gud luck for all….

  124. Samita Says:

    I hate karishma kapoor becuase she is a worst actress i ever seen
    She is a nasty cow
    Fucking ugly cow

  125. Samita Says:

    Oh Shut up you stupid
    who are you to love me

  126. VICKY Says:

    i love u VIBHORE….main tum say itna pyaar karta hoon k tum haray PARENTS k baad main tum say sab say ziada pyaar karta hoon….

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